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Been far to long again my blogging seems to be getting more and more sparce these days but im taking today/tonight to get an update out there. Last time l spoke about direction and ideas evolution of an idea, thats coming together now slowly but surely im getting things to look how l want them too and more how l think they should look. l suppose this has alot to do with.

A) time

B) experience

C) trends

Dont know why l listed them like that but they all link together, im pretty new to the industry and was just feeling it out with the first incarnation of this site, not a test so much as what l thought it needed to be at the time. Then experience through time comes around and you learn things become more synced and tuned into what the industry is doing and now heres C) the trends and how they are changing.

It sounds simple almost rudimentary. how could you not adapt to this quicker but a change of a website isn't the sort of move you do on a whim and it comes with a series of reservations, its like redecorating nobody goes into that half hearted its a huge job and its your house its kind of the same value l have on the site its like a house and a complete renovation isnt a easy.

Im still not sure this is the right look and feel for the site but im going to give you a glimpse of whats the come and feel and direction the site might be heading in the not to distant future. l took some time to look through old sketches doddles ideas and notes l made when first dreaming up the website, what l wanted people to think and feel when they first viewed it. l still have a lot of those ideas and want that vibe for the site the colour the animation and made factory vibe and l think that can be integrated into the new site. Hopefully with better implementation l mean look at what your reading this on this viewing panel is quite literally a school boy error so all that needs changing. That 's what brought on the whole redesign and new look idea. Time matures a person and l think we would all agree 18 onwards you mature like mad your tastes and trends are at their peak of volatility. So the new look feels more grown up more refined but at the same time keeping the handmade and hand drawn feel it had before. l'm just trying to figure out how the colour comes in.


l guess you can get distracted by everything and everyone else around you and when you start to focus more on what others are doing and take your mind away from where your trying to get to you lose track of everything that matters. Things can perplex you and annoy you, even alter you perception of things. l see people pass up, take for granted even ruin mad opportunities just laid in front of them to focus on trivial pursuits, things of lesser value in terms of the values you hold even cross people in the process. But l suppose what you have to remember is if you dont do it no one is going to do it for you, moves dont appear in front of you, you make them, anything your handed you don't truly appreciate l dont think and thats another point when things turn, usually for the worse. Really you should just focus on you, only stop to view others too learn and further yourself and not get embroiled or involved in their idea or whatever their doing, theres a world of experience and inspiration out there take advantage of it. Move your focus and remember whatever your setting out to achieve or ascertain uphill struggles are the best thats where stories and memories come from. A scene or doing something to be involved in a scene isn't really developing or innovating its just replicating. Creativity is the key you can borrow other peoples or you can try kindle your own either done in the right way is good and it pays off anything else is just posturing. just kill it softly.

Anyways MAESTRO TIME maaaaaan old habit die hard and this one isn't going anywhere! Still one of the freshest most hard working individuals out there. Maestro is a genuine innovator and creative hub its a lot of envy and hate him for but we all should just give it up for him. Before we get the videos maestro dropped a sweater and boy did it go fast it was in limited quantities 80 in total 40 sweaters and 40 hoods, l stayed up till 5am to ordered and the small sold out in under a minute l didnt even get my card number in and it was sold out...PAR.

Roll the vids...

First up we have 9th wonder in this episode we see him take a class of students as we shows them how to create and sample music. They also get a view point and insight of one of the most important producers in hip hop and how 9th wonder interprets and understands music.


Maestro Knows - Episode 8 (Professor Wonder) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Next Up we meet Tyrone Davis flash back to NYE 2010 and the las vegas episode where maestro follows the Oceans 11 in a vegas gig. We get to spend a day and learn more about Tyrone and the whats the come.


Maestro Knows - Episode 9 (Tyrone Davis) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

The end of season 3 of Maestro Knows Va$htie Kola is on the spot. Maestro and Va$htie run around New York as they show people Va$htie's new Air Jordan.


Maestro Knows - Episode 10 (Va$htie Kola) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

This is a video from Levi Maestro not Maestro Knows l guess it shows a change with the episodes being more focused around Maestro rather than a guest and follows his interests and views.First up is KILLING it SOFTLY and l really got something from this video and this turn and phrase the idea and concept maestro is trying to get across.

KILLING it SOFTLY from levi maestro on Vimeo.

Dom Kennedy gets to speak his mind in this one Life As l Know It.

This is DOM KENNEDY (Life As I Know It) from levi maestro on Vimeo.

These are things lve seen and viewed over the past few months they are all really cool.First up is this online comic by Emily Carroll. its not the first time this has been done but this is the first time its been used so effectively to give a story motion. Check it out here.

Tron is going to be NEXT HYPE even the bill board is insane if you havnt seen a trailer because youve been in coma or dead search it out.

This is a genuinely interesting and possibly the first stylus for the Ipad and Iphone that might work properly the oStylus the fact your plam doesnt make contact with the screen means you can maintain full mobility and a stable control over the stylus. Using the Adobe programme on the ipad you can see just how well it works

Iphone cases are the worst and find one that wont do more damage to the phone than leaving it without is impossible, but this looks good its not he only one l have seen of interest but check it out it combines a wallet which is something that l thought would be a great idea. l lose my wallet more than my phone put the two together you should get some kind of balance right? Or just lose both more often...

Marshall are making headphones ... http://www.marshallheadphones.com/

http://www.theydrawandcook.com/ This is amazing if your bored and want to cook something its a series of recipes that are drawn and submitted by people from around the world and its has worked amazingly. l would not be surprised if this is turned into a book in the near future.

This is a great video that shows Where Good Ideas Come From by Steven Johnson. Its quite interest how the ideas are shown to be formed and how the internet and other social advances have allowed the rapid progression of ideas.

This is a Genius Video that follows a package from London to Helsinki with the recorder placed inside. The sounds is used to animate and interpret the journey and exactly what happens when it enters the postage network.

Dictaphone Parcel from Lauri Warsta on Vimeo.

More amazing video this time stop motion. This was made using the Nokia N8 cameraphone and its DOPE its also the worlds smallest stop motion video apparently.

A Time Lapse Video created by Stefan Werc really cool and gives and an amazing look at tokyo.

Get up and go from Stefan Werc on Vimeo.


This is a new species of frog and its tiny check it out here.

This is a really interesting concept given the state of everyones economies and our massive deficites this make so much sense using money as an advertising medium. Apparently this is worth $14 billion a year!

Ever seen tremors your going to love this.

Monstrous Wildlife from Frank Robnik on Vimeo.

Sharpie have done it again and innovated the pen with this.

Its a pen that you can rub out for 3 days after that it becomes permanent. Should be available now!

This is an another amazing site and great concept its a fact a day essentially but hand drawn and submitted by us everything is true and illustrated by the cargo collective!

This is the art of Tom Martin hes only 23 big things are going to happen for this Guy.

l will do music soon and drop some tracks l need to catch up on all kinds of stuff this is definitely one of them.Heres a short video on the history of SKATE

Evolution of Skate from Shoe Power on Vimeo.

LATER July 20 2010

Its been a while and as ever things move pretty fast but l've been taking some time to look around lately (the more observant of you will see l need to give that back to John Hughes...SAVE FERRIS.) Everything has been on the back burner for a while l try figure out the next step and the direction l want to take things. Nothing's really set in stone or even a foundation put together but l got lists so l suppose l got a blue print of what is to come and how l'm going to evolve things...l dont like the word change anymore, it sounds like your scraping things an starting...evolve gives the impression of progress and improvement not back tracking...which this definitely isnt.

Anyways im not going to bore you all going on about that when l have a list of content and things that l have been looking at, working with and taking inspiration from.First and foremost l guess has been the World Cup...People got involved almost consumed by the impossible dream of England actually doing well or okay...SUCKERS.

If we could create that kind of atmosphere and tension around other issues even divert the money we wasted buying strips, flags, stupid hats...those horns...we might have turned africa into the next china...on the subject of those horns when England played their first match if you were one of those "people" l'm using the term very carefully and you walked past bar and grill you know the kind of up market restaurant in the square by the station with the fountains between 4-9pm...l hope something bad happens to you and when you wake up in hospital someone is blowing one of those horns in your ear...peace and love though. l really didn't care to much about the world cup its hard to get excited about something that has the same rhythm every time, we all know it early it starts with us leaving early usually before our side gets the try the mints in the hotel, inevitably a team that actually deserves to wins and we all go home...sorry l got bored writing about it.

Maestro though gave us football coverage from the Adi-Cup and followed the tournament around the world l will let you check the videos.

Tour De Maestro - NYC from levi maestro on Vimeo.

Tour De Maestro - TOKYO from levi maestro on Vimeo.

Tour De Maestro - BERLIN from levi maestro on Vimeo.

Tour De Maestro - LONDON from levi maestro on Vimeo.

Tour De Maestro - The FINAL from levi maestro on Vimeo.

The next video is for the brand In4mants as they release their 4th G-Shock collection. The Picture above thats Maestros new custom board made by informants...IN JAPAN.

The Traveling IN4MANTS from levi maestro on Vimeo.


This is all going to be a big mix of cool branding advertising and generally fun stuff sorry if none of it seems to flow or make sense but its all pretty DOPE.

Lets start with Debonair's new packaging and branding its a pretty clean cut and modern twist on what is essentially a very classic and refined item the cigar.

Daft Punk had a redesign and possibly their best look, but that isnt the sole point of this it is a design project from Julius Santiago. The Project is called King Panpan it is 365 images one for every day of the year. It started earlier this year and Julius is looking for ideas so you can make suggestions on his twitter. Check out the progress here

Andreas Heikaus this guy will be doing big things he created this Super Mario Film for this Bachelor thesis at university and it picked up all kinds of heat getting more the 500,000 unique views in a week. l will let the man himself do the hows and whys but its work to admire.

Super Mario Bros. from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.


Super Mario Bros. on a Sidewalk - Making Of from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

Shine Advertising dressed up a pocket knife they used as a mailer to send to their clients for promotional purposes. This packaging is made using Letterpress which is quite an old but legitimate technique and produces as you can see amazing results. That piece of card around the box goes through the printer seven times, six color presses and a letterpress matrix score.

WOW. Is all l can say when l saw this and started to consider the magnitude of how big this project most have been to organise choreograph and put together its very long but so worth the watch.


BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Some more branding and this is the stuff l like the extra mile kind of packaging that you see now and then. Its only ketchup everyone uses it everyone has it but its something that is so mundane its design and its visual appeal get marginalised which is probably the way to go keep cost downs the and more the simple and uniform the design the easier it is to get out there. Sir Kensington's have simply pushed the boat out look at his packaging its all type face and retro images but it look amazing. 

Jeremy Scott 2.0 they look amazing way better than the first no more blowing hot air up his ass he probably knows hes killed it too.


Pics T-Shirt innovation is limited but occasionally people kill it like this. The use of simple thread and a bit of extra stitching provides esstenially a 3D and tangible element to the T-Shirt that is also useable its an interesting concept.

Bosch yes Bosch its like when l do a post on dyson its boring but this is cool their new advertising for their freezers takes a play on prehistoric meat illustration quiet effectively the longevity of their new freezing equipment and it gets the point across really well.

Here it is DYSON killed it again the Air Multiplier and l have seen one in action its amazing. As a design house you really cany fault them at all and everyone of their products is a revolution or a decent evolution from the existing products on the market.Not going to lie no idea how it works just like it.

Got an ipad wanted a 3G one didnt want to sign a hefty contract with shit rates...SOLUTION the micro sim cutter. You insert a regular sim and it removes the chip to make it micro size then you simple pop it back into place yo make it complete again...ideal for those who already own an say own an iphone and have 3G on that.

This is a project by Nils Guadagnin and its uses a mix of magnets and lazers that keep the board levitated but its an interesting bit of work.


HOVERBOARD - NILS GUADAGNIN from nils guadagnin on Vimeo.

MTV launched somes ads for the world cup this was my favorite.

I know l hated on the World Cup earlier but boston.com did an amazing feature using images from the games check it out here.

A friend of mine Mike Sholly showed me this today its the reinvention and branding of OLD SPICE and its pretty cool.



Want some music?

Drakes back and after that tragic track he put out l dont even remember the name Kanye had a hand in it...it was quite simply SHIT. Thankfully its back to old tricks with Do It All and hopefully a return to point with the prospect of a new mixtape No More Thank You's and if it goes anything like so far gone and sounds as good as this track drake's gona make another million before his second album.





Earlier he released 3 more tracks and the eagerly awaited you know you know track produced by yeezy and its better than the first attempt that all l can say get them here.

Rai Knight made a video for New New. Im not sure why l like her but shes seems to have a good flow the videos a bit annoying and cliche in places but whatever the tracks good. Her new Track Piviotal is dope just simple summer flow check it here.


DOM's back with a video for 1997 the standout track from, From The Westside With Love, and its pretty clean l dont really get the concept but the track reigns through.


Kid Cudi is back with the Video for ALL SUMMER, the video has a really cool look with formed oversized head its really legit check it out.


Heres some skate...of sorts.

Tim and Eric - Roger of the Month Mar 2010 - Outro Video from Roger Skateboards on Vimeo.

LATE May 16 2010

So Maestro's back on the case and as ever I'm super late telling you about it...In this episode we get alot packed into it, first up were with Estevan Oriol as they visit Patrick Martinez's studio downtown he's one of LAs up and coming underground artists. Take a quick trip to do a shoot with Nylon Mexico a 10 page spread. Then meet up with Geoff Rowley (FLIP) as they celebrate the release of his newest signature Vans. All this before 4pm now thats using a day to its full potential.

Maestro Knows - Episode 7 (Estevan Oriol & Geoff Rowley) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.


Also how this escaped my notice l dont know, but its the MAESTRO KNOWS SEASON 2 MIXTAPE.

if you want some proof on Patrick Martinez here a time lapse done for acclaim magazine.

blow up status: patrick martinez from Patrick Martinez on Vimeo.

Suppose the next biggest thing was the volcano that decided it was time to blow up. it warranted a situation for some amazing photography...also put half the world at a stand still but lets not focus on that and look at the cool pictures...




Here's the entire gallary.

Eyjafjallajökull is the time lapse video done by Sean Stiegemeier. It documents the effect of the ash cloud over iceland and towns near the eruption.


The making of Ephemicropolis from Peter Root on Vimeo.

Benedict Radcliffe was recently commissioned by nike to create something for the space outside the 1948 store in Shoreditch. The Nike Air Max 90 sculpture was created built out of a wire frame. He will be releasing a book about the project later in the year.



This is kind of boring but l found it kind of interesting LIGHT BLUBS...yeh l know boring right but Philips just whipped the lid off their new scheme to revolutionise the world. Its a 12watt replacement for the traditional 60 watt bulb. Its built using LEDs and is said to have a life span of 25 years. its small but if you think about how crap most energy saving bulbs are this could be a real winner.



Hypebeast dropped this video on Edison Chen (CLOT) as he discusses the different between eastern and western fashion and streetware on the whole. Hes is also chilling with Eddie Cruz in La Brea as he goes through the process and the differences between the fashion on both sides of the ocean.

Straddling East and West: Edison Chen from hypebeast.tv on Vimeo.

Keeping inline with clothes and design Winners Circle dropped this video about the creation of a T-shirt from concept to market place. Its a pretty interesting look at how it all happens if not a bit over simplified.

Making of a t-shirt from Treats Club on Vimeo.

Crooks made some dope flash drives taking the shape of AK-47 bullets you can get them here.


iPads are coming soon and damn if they aren't expensive but people are creating cool accessories for them like this the iCade. its really on useful with one app an old school arcade simulator but it does look pretty fun. Im just not sure it validates the high prices when you put it next to a base MacBook and being serious your not going to by a 16gig one thats iphone standard. So its really 64 or nothing and a £500+ price tag as you'll want 3G on it so add £10-20 a month and basically you just signed up for a 20 year olds version of a mortgage.



The ClamCase looks cool with a built in keyboard that doubles up as a stand but again the questions beckons why not just buy a macbook...CLAMCASE


Suppose you cant do this on a macbook...


Been on a movie binge lately and l got to say if your Newcastle local start showing the Tyneside Cinema some love...this place has it worked out no chavs, kids firing spit balls, pre pubescent teens getting freaky in the corner, just opulent surroundings and you can drink while you watch a movie, really what more do you want? Monday nights seem pretty dope its student night (boo hoo if your not a student you should have a job so get over it) its super cheap £3.50 movies cheap beer and like l said some of the best surroundings in the city. They do special events like cult classic screening l caught the Lost Boys last week i think terminator and Robocop are coming up and we all know everything is better on the big screen.

One movie everyone needs to see is Four Lions it looks incredible heres the trailer.

The next thing for people in Newcastle is The Canteen & Bar. This place is a real gem in the city its at the bottom of Clayton Street nearer digital than the O2. Swing by at some point its open Tuesday-Saturday that confused me at the start but you get used to it. It's worth the trek the Food amazing, the Milkshakes are made with ice cream none of that powder non sense, and the cake is DOPE like really good. Its got it all GO NOW.

Incase im losing your attention heres something to get your attention back l might be speaking mainly to the male section of my audience but l am pretty sure we all might agree this is best advert you've seen in a long time.

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

Lets be honest this might actually save someones life and your not going to forget this in a hurry, Fortnight killed it.

Its also BBQ season again and l have a thing about clever design so wall mounting your BBQ just seems a dope idea especially if your short on space or living in a city centre location and dont have room to store/have a full size BBQ.

This one is made by focus and looks pretty good open and closed.

This is a concept from David Bruno & Tony Seymore. Its pretty dope and im surprised someone hasn't come up with this sooner but essentially its a wallet that tells you the balance on your Oyster card. This is a real problem l hate overdrawing my oyster card or getting caught at the barrier and then having to explain "l have no idea how this whole system works l just continually put money on it and never know what l'm paying or when its going to run out. Then this happens and we have to have this crap conversation l miss the tube and you waste your time." It's all a bit annoying so this is kind of the solution you'll always know where you are with this.

Heres the site they are actually in talks in TfL now so hit the like link on their facebook page to show your support for the idea and the product.

Music...I've been listening to alot of stuff recently Flux Pavillion and Breakage stopped by Cosmic and they went hard.

Here's a mix by Flux Pavillion.

This is Breakages Radio 1 Essential mix.

Drake is back to his old self with miss me...not sure if this is better than Over been some debate in my camp about it...but this is my blog so l think it is. Sounds like old drake from when he first came out.

Download Here

Rai Knight dropped this new song im still unsure about her after post man, but it all sounds good on this track hopefully there will be more to come.

Download here


2 MONTHS April 05 2010

Its been a while since the last post...by a while l mean 2 months...call it a serious lack of motivation or my efforts diverted to other things either way l'm getting back to it and putting this next post together as always its going to be a long read so l will appologise in advance! Im also breaking a massive rule of the internet and posting things late espeically two months so if this is all old news feel free to glaze over it and send me and email telling me how shit my time keeping is...good...yeh sweet...

l have spent most the day doing this and spent the rest trying to keep it as relevant as possible, so hopefully it will work and l have managed to shorten this enough to be bearable.

I usually wait till Maestro drops a video and start the post with something l know you'll enjoy but a lost laptop and a busy schedule changed the routine. Not to say that nothing has been going on either, Maestro has a new website and it's pretty dope! check it out here.

Maestro in my absence has got some new videos up and also celebrated 1 year of doing what hes been doing from the first Air Yeezy episode all that time ago. Its amazing to see how the show has developed and Maestro within himself changes through out the show.

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Nike Air Yeezy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Back to the present well as close as l can get you were in Hawaii. Yeh l know if you didnt believe Maestro was living the dream here's the proof etched in stone. Check him out as he goes to the Pipe Line Masters and takes a trip to In4mations Hawaii store.

"I used to listen to the Beach Boys sing about this place"

Maestro Knows - Episode 5 (Hawaiian Vacation) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Next Up we got what could be one of best Maestro knows episodes in terms of people and things that are relevant to me as we goes to visit Johnny Cupcakes in Boston. If you didn't know l'm huge Johnny Cupcakes fan, everything he does is so well orchestrated an put together from this stores to his designs to his packaging its all legitimate. Im not sure there are many if any other brands that put so much into giving back to the customer and ensuring they get a little extra with every purchase but Johnny Cupcakes is out there pushing the envelope at every turn. Check out his blog and website to keep up to date and check out the back story if you dont know it already HERE.

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Johnny Cupcakes) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Maestro has also turned his hand to lecturing at school and the first stop is Las Vegas where Levi grew up. The video was shot by Scott Regan.

"l do what l love, and l dont let people tell me l can't do it"

Levi Maestro Speaks at Schools from Scott Regan on Vimeo.

I'd like to introduce you to Alexi Wasser the owner and voice behind IMBOYCRAZY.


Im not sure what to describe the blog as whether its an agony aunt sort of situation or just Alexi bitching about life and love life but whatever it is it makes me laugh. The articles are all relevant in a hilarious way, you read through things and either relate or find yourself thinking what the fuck...i do that...I'm a freak.

Follow her on twitter. RSS the blog just get involved it's worth it.

I dont usually make posts about cars and other such things seems a bit cliche maybe to much of a "lad" thing to do might as well start posting pictures of me downing drinks and funneling drinks on my knees...yeh fuck that...

But these 3 cars just look astounding.




Summer is kind of coming at us quickly well not that you would know but were in April already times flying by! But summer means one thing for me other than shorts...WATER GUNS and this one looks pretty ill its automatic...



This caught my eye cant even remember how l stumbled upon it but its pretty cool its an 8 bit rendering of NYC done by Brett Camper and it looks pretty cool.


Kamimodel.com have created a series of new paper models that are pretty cool check them out here.


On something of the same vein l have a weird attraction to old tin robot models and these pillows are super dope probably more appropriate for kids room but that hasnt stopped me buying half the crap l own...

Daizi Zheng created this "stereotype Packaging" taking things like Cigarette packets and replacing them with carrot stick and Houmous, Fries with cellary you get the idea a pretty good pun and play on modern culture.





This is the commercial for the Diamond x Hall of Fame "Un=Polo" pack. It was made by Danny Lee and its Super DOPE.

It couldn't go without mentioning but this whole HBO "How To Make it in America" Show, l havn't seen any of it yet but l hear only good things, this is the first episode l have seen "The Get By Making it on the Streets of NYC" It runs arounf 20 mins so your in for a watch but its a pretty good look into to the East coast skate scene and how its differs entirely to the West.

The Get By

Brand RMX had the oppurtunity to shit in and get a look at Jeff Staple's foundations and how he works. If you dont know Jeff is one of the most influential faces in streetware today being the founder and creative director of Staple Design.

Brand RMX : EPISODE 2 pt 1/2 from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Brand RMX : EPISODE 2 pt 2/2 from R+I creative on Vimeo.

Musics been passing me by too finally sat down and had a catch up though l have had the good fortune to see Borgore and Bar 9 in Newcastle...If you dont know these guys it was possibly the illest 2 hours of dubstep l have ever experienced...

Borgore - Love

Borgore - Cry Me a River

Borgore - Foes (18BIT Remix)

Borgore - Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Borgore Remix)


Up until now Andre was new to me but l downloaded his EP "Summer School" and its pretty good 11 tracks and some good production download and preview it here.


Possibly the most important bit of music to come out for a little while is Dom Kennedy's new Album "From The Westdside With Love" This will be his last free album trawl the blog to find the old stuff its all here and some pretty essential rap if you don't have it.


You can download  the album HERE and dont forget to keep up to date at DOPE ITS DOM

Here's Dom talking on the album and some of the songs.

Dom Kennedy Talks From West Side W/ Love from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

Drake has come back with some slow tracks before the release of thank me later and they kind of work...there's an evident lack of auto tune to which is refreshing.


Drake - Shut it Down

Drake - Fall For Your Type


Steve Aoki seems to have this desire to mess with Drake and Cudder tracks with mixed results and reviews, this is the new one and im not sure about it but l thought why not let you make your own minds up.

Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

UPDATE February 01 2010

You all don't need me to give you the blurb on Maestro watch and learn...

Maestro Knows - Episode 4 (Bun B) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.


Recently l had the good fortune to work with Breaks of 10 and do a photoshoot with some of the up and coming stock on site this one Focuses on CTRL one of our premium brands with a blend of indie, alt and skate, they represent streetwear from Finland effortlessly. Check it out here.


Music seems to be a regular feature and this one is close to home my buddy Luke under his Dj name Aaron Ells is getting his hustle together and starting to emerge from the undergrowth...like that scene from Thriller but more grime and filth. He's got his facebook page up and uploaded some tracks to soundcloud check them out and download them. l will keep this short as there is more to come with myspace and an EP in the near future but join the Facebook  Group and keep up to date. We will be in Leeds for Creep at wire on Wednesday come through and check it out Jayou will be there to should be HUGE!

Electric Bloom (Aaron Ells Re-mix) - Foals by Aaron Ells



Kid Cudi came hard with this new video for cudderisback its hilarious and so worth the watch.

KiD CuDi "cudderisback" - Directed by Jason Goldwatch - DatNewCudi.com from DP on Vimeo.


Tyler, The Creator l'm not sure what to say about this kid he is coming out hard with this mixtape that came my way Bastard. Its refreshing and new with a flow that l havnt heard in a while the rap game through the view of an 18 year old kid making beats in his bedroom cliche maybe but delivered with excellence and professionalism in this mixtape.


Dom Kennedy got a new video out, now l'd like think everyone fully appreciates and knows about Dom but he is fresh and all of his mixtapes have been nothing but stellar check the video out and go back through the blog to find links to earlier stuff its worth the trek.


Wiz Khalifa is back with Smokerface its good but maybe im getting a bit bored of people using this beat now download it its worth it.


Hes also done a track with Neako dope.


Drake finally got some new shit no more recycling hopefully. Oh and hes on the complx cover thats pretty dope right hopefully there this will signal the end of regurgitated verse and dawn a new mixtape.

Download New shit.

Download Where were you.



This thing is dope l dont boil eggs but the videos this thing churns out are so worth it l might start. Go do it now check the link.

Sorry this is bit short but im going to add to it just need to get the content together got some independent articles to come with some cool cool people so eyes peeled.