• Design

    With seven years experience designing in a wide range of industries, from clothing to club-land, we are more than equiped to handle any design work you may require. Having created designs for flyers, posters, stickers, club decor, vinyl wraps, merchandise, menus and much more, we are experienced in all aspects of physical design.


    We also offer the ability to handle any stage of the design process, whether creating logos for new start-ups or handling amends to existing work.

    We can also devise and execute entire campaigns across numerous different design formats.


    We have excellent working relationships with experienced printers and suppliers of branded goods, so can even offer the option of delivering your product to you fully completed.


    So whatever your design needs, no matter how small or big, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Print

    We Know Print Matters.


    Even in the digital world we live in, we understand the need for print in any business. From menus and business cards to 16-page Sticker flyers, we have produced everything from standard to bespoke print jobs.


    We work closely with our hand picked printers to make sure the right printers are producing the right jobs, as well as giving us the necessary input to turn around a physical product that is second to none and delivered within your specified time-frame.


Mish Mash Events

Events Company In Newcastle

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EDM brand hosted in Digital.

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Your website is just as important as your Social Media, This is your first port of call and an ill-designed or outdated site can give a customer a bad impression.


Your website needs to demonstrate your services, attract your customers and get them to pick up the phone eager to find out more. Accessibility and a user friendly interface is paramount to this. We keep the business and brand at in mind but design the site with the end user in mind. Making sure its as friendly for the customer as possible.


With all this in mind we use everything we can get from looking at your customers to demographics and target markets to make sure we produce a site that is perfect for you business.


Waterside Hotel

Quayside Hotel in Newcastle.

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Black Orchid

New premium venue in York.

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Module Newcastle

House event based in Newcastle. Hosted in Digital.

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Drop us an email or get in touch with us directly. We're excited to hear from you and can't wait to get started on your new project.


Amar :  07517485606

E-mail: amar@amendigital.com

Ben : 07792 134890

E-mail: ben@amendigital.com


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Social Media is the fastest-growing and largest form of instant communication, yet many businesses overlook it as a Marketing tool, to their detriment.


As the facts below show, consumers are increasingly led, and informed by Social Media and as a result a well-orchestrated and quality presence on those networks should form an integral part of any company's Marketing strategy.


When all of your customers are engaged with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, why wouldn't you be?

  • Management


    We understand that Social Media is an integral part of anyones business, It is your main Online presence and potentially the first impression you can deliver to a potential customer or client before they enter your premises.


    With this in mind it is imperative you utilise and maximise the impression and impact your Social Media has as an endorsement of your business but also a conduit to communicate and interact with new and exist customers.


    We offer several specifically-tailored packages to manage our client's Social Media presence across various platforms.


    Within these packages we offer our services to entirely manage and operate your Social Media presence on your behalf, creating any content you require, writing copy and scheduling posts to enable you to get the maximum exposure and awareness from your existing networks.


    We also offer the ability to create new profiles on a wide-range of Social Media platforms and sites, and grow them on your behalf, or to expand and grow existing networks.


    Finally we offer regular meetings with you to tailor your content, shift emphasis and direction and report back on results in real-time.

  • Mentoring


    We understand your Social Media can be quite a precious and coveted element to a business. Handing over control might not be the road you want to go down. If you have an existing Marketing structure in place but want to make sure your getting the most out of it, or to advance and improve your existing Social Media, or really take a the bull by the horns and immerse yourself into your businesses social media?


    We offer Client Mentoring packages, whereby you retain control of your Social Media networks but we work in conjunction with you to create  a  schedule and engaging content and advise you on the best courses of action to take.


    Within these packages you get the benefit of our experience and knowledge as we guide you through the vagaries of the various different platforms and advise you on how best to interact  on each.


    We also schedule regular meetings going forward to catch up with our clients, report back on how we view their results, and tailor and update their schedule to ensure we keep up with changes to networks, or react to specific behaviours amongst our client's followers.

  • Audit

    Social Media Audit

    First and foremost you might want undertake an Audit. Sounds like something an accountant would do ask you to do, but this can be a very critical exerciser if you really want to know how well your existing Social Media is performing.


    We will start by viewing your exisiting networks and accounts and gathering as much information as we can comparing competitors locally and nationally and stacking your Social Media against them. We can help you see the strenghts and weaknesses of your existing Social Media as well as where you can expand or improve.


    Those graphs and statistics have you baffled? We can condense and collate all this information for you and present it in an easy and understandable away all with the aim of allowing you to have a firmer grasp of your social media.


    Inside this Audit we can also point out new and emerging Social Media Networks you would be able to tap into and increase your coverage and awareness in the digital world. Expanding and keeping abreast of the changes in Social Media preference in correspondence to trend and demographics is crucial to any business.


    We offer the Social Media Audit as a stand alone product but it is included in our Management and Mentoring packages as a first port of call to ensure we're all on the same page and have a clear picture of your businesses Social Media.


Full management off all your Social Media Platforms. Making sure you are maximising your reach and interaction with your market.


Guiding you through the veritable minefield that is Social Media and making sure you have all the tools to manage your Social Media.


Full and detailed reports of your existing Social Media, making sure you have full understanding of your current position.

The price for all these wonderful services you might be wondering?


Don't worry unlike most things in this world there isn't a concrete tariff or rate we charge for our services. We like to build strong and solid working relationships with our clients. So after a preliminary meeting and a look at your current or new business we can tailor or service and packages dependent on your budget or needs. This way we can make sure everyone is on the same page and happy with the services they opt in for.